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TECMEN has established a professional R&D center, leveraging the latest international technology and rich experience to serve the global market. With an in-depth focus on innovative protective technology, we provide comprehensive technical support ranging from product R&D to testing and manufacturing.

GERMAN TÜV certified laboratory

TECMEN's R&D center is equipped with the most advanced testing and research instruments. It is certified by TÜV and holds 72 international patents.

Core Technologies

Enjoy the best possible experience with TECMEN products, through our continuous technology iteration.

ReaLens HD Eye Protection Technology

ReaLens HD Eye Protection Technology

TECMEN developed Realens Technology for enhanced worker safety. Our welding helmets are designed to thrive in harsh and dynamic work environments.


FreFlow Purification Technology

FreFlow Purification Technology

By combining the FreFlow blower unit with a range of TECMEN headtops, you can experience enhanced efficiency and enjoy complete protection for your eyes, face, and respiratory system.


ProQuiet Noise Cancellation Technology

ProQuiet Noise Cancellation Technology

ProQuiet vocal tracking technology ensures worker safety and convenience in continuous or intermittent noisy environments.


Certified qualifications

TECMEN's global credibility is established through our accredited expertise.

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