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Quality policy

Product quality is at the heart of TECMEN's vitality. We consistently improve our quality control system, and maintain precise control over the entire procedure---including product R&D, purchases of raw materials, manufacturing management, product circulation, supply guarantee, after-sales services, etc.

Quality guideline

Deliver customer value, achieve sustainable development

Quality vision

Develop a process-centric quality assurance system

Quality culture

Adhere to standardized procedures for accurate and efficient execution

Technological innovation

A professional QC team is the key to ensure continuous high quality. As such, we build up the well-equipped lab, establish our systematic test team, improve the closed-loop performance management discipline, all for the reliable product quality.

Optics laboratory

Optics laboratory

Acoustic laboratory

Acoustic laboratory

Purification laboratory

Purification laboratory

Excellent quality control

Our commitment to certified quality management systems, combined with our efficient execution, ensures the consistent delivery of high-quality products.

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