Celebrating Success and Advancing Welding Excellence: TECMEN's Sponsorship at the 2021 "Arc Cup" International Welding Competition



From December 3rd to 8th, the 2021 "Arc Cup" International Welding Competition (referred to as "Arc Cup") successfully concluded in Xiamen, Fujian. This prestigious competition, organized by the BRICS Business Council (BRICS BC), the Belt and Road and BRICS International Alliance for Skills Development (IASDBR), and esteemed organizations in the welding industry, showcased the exceptional talents of 50 teams from 8 countries and regions. With three main projects encompassing welding robot, manual welding, and welding technology remote competition, over 280 skilled candidates participated and achieved remarkable results.

As a significant event in the BRICS National Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition, the "Arc Cup" serves as a vital international platform for fostering welding skills development and nurturing innovation talents in the Belt and Road and BRICS countries. It aims to collectively advance the world welding industry through international exchange and cooperation.

The "Arc Cup" attracts welding talents from around the globe, providing them with an equal stage to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge and exceptional skills. Recognized by the International Welding Society as the "Welding World Cup," this competition has become one of the most influential and largest international welding competitions in the world.


Candidate wearing TECMEN helmet

TECMEN takes great pride in being the sponsor of the protective equipment utilized in this competition. Our ReaLens™ Series welding helmets offered professional and trusted protection to the candidates, garnering unanimous praise from players, coaches, and referees alike.


TECMEN protective equipment demo station

Global improvement in welding skills and the cultivation of welding talents are intricately tied to the utilization of high-quality personal protective equipment. As the designated official partner of the "Arc Cup," TECMEN remains steadfast in our vision of "Empowering safety and advancing the world through technology." We are committed to providing safer and more reliable personal protection solutions for workers worldwide.


Candidate wearing TECMEN helmet

Although the 2021 "Arc Cup" International Welding Competition has concluded, TECMEN will continue to deliver high-quality personal protection to frontline workers and support the cultivation of welding talents, driving advancements in the PPE industry.

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